Transport methods

We offer the possibility to arrange the most popular transport solutions - flight with courier and Broker services or via cargo. We will take care of all the necessary legal formalities and documentation needed for the transport.


Fore detailed information about our transport company, please visit their website at


The price of the flight depends on its date and the number of transported puppies. The average cost of a flight for 2 puppies is $1,000 - the price is subject to changes depending on the date, season or other factors beyond our control.


The time of transport depends mostly on the nearest flight date and time it takes to find the perfect puppies of the right age. Usually, the puppies can be with you as soon as two weeks after booking the flight and selecting the puppies. In case of lack of early flights, this period may extend.

Flight cancellation

We do our best to get the puppies out on the scheduled day - but sometimes external factors make it difficult or impossible. If a flight is canceled due to the fault of the airport, a replacement flight or full refund is offered.

Please note that if the flight is missed by the buyer, we cannot refund the associated costs.

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