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We are a European seller specializing in selecting the best (and happiest!) French Bulldogs. We choose each of the available puppies not only for their great genotype and full health; we are equally committed to working with responsible breeders, in whose dogs develop in healthy and monitored conditions. This way we work only with selected contractors, surrounding each dog with love and care.

Although Cup of Puppy has been in existence for a short time, the background of its Founders, directed at working with animals, translates into professional conduct of the business from its inception. The closest environment for puppies is safe and tailored to the needs of each of them, and the meticulous selection of puppies only from trusted breeders guarantees your satisfaction.


affordable prices

Thanks to the European market we operate at, all of our puppies can be found at affordable and convenient prices.


We understand the importance of a source you can count on when your future puppy is at stake. We work with only the most reliable breeders, actively monitoring the living conditions of the puppies before acquiring any of them.

worldwide shipping

We offer the possibility of full shipping organization with free cost evaluation. We also accept shipping on the customer's side.


We don't want to sell much but of low quality and no coverage. Our emphasis is on dogs with great genes, free of any diseases and defects, as confirmed by veterinary examinations.


We proudly offer the service of finding puppies outside our catalog.

Just contact us using form below or through contact page, and specify in the message:

  • the country of shipment of the dog (for the USA including the state)
  • the available budget
  • the desired age of the dog
  • color or specific genotype
  • additional information at your discretion

We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible and provide all the necessary information.